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Did you know? SQL Server 2008 SSRS New Data Visualizations

Posted by denglishbi on August 4, 2008

The new Gauge data region is most often used to provide a high-level summary of your data by highlighting key performance indicator (KPI) values. The gauge uses a pointer to show a single value. You can add a range to highlight a subset of values on your scale and control the size and positioning of the scale on the gauge to create different visual effects.


The new Chart data region supports a richer set of data visualization features. The new chart types include bar/column cylinder, pyramid, funnel, polar, radar, stock, candlestick, range column, range bar, smooth area, smooth line, stepped line, and box plot chart types. There is also built-in support for Pareto and Histogram charts.


There are many more enhancements that have been made to the charting functionality, so check out the BOL link below and read all about them along with other new features.

Check out a screencast about the new Data Visualizations in SQL Server 2008 here.

Read more about this in the SQL Server 2008 BOL ‘What’s New in Report Authoring’.

Did you know? SQL Server 2008 SSRS New Data Visualizations from Dan English on Vimeo.


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