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Quick Feedback on the 71-448 (70-448) Beta Exam

Posted by denglishbi on July 20, 2008

I took the beta exam 71-448 for the MCTS Microsoft SQL Server 2008 – Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance (70-448).  I would definitely check out the prep guide prior to going into the test to prepare yourself for what will be on the test and that is available on Microsoft’s site here.  In an earlier posting I posted the link stating that you can take this test for free until July 31st if you can get a spot.

I was a little surprised that there was 70 questions. I didn’t think there were that many on the SQL Server 2005 exam (70-445), but I could be mistaken.  I thought there were only around 54 or so, but it was over a year ago that I took it.  You definitely need to know SSRS inside and out.  As you can see in the prep guide at least 30% is focused just on this topic.  The rest is pretty much a split between SSIS and SSAS with a handful of Data Mining questions.

The other thing was that even though it states it is SQL Server 2008 you wouldn’t have known it.  A little surprised that none of the new features were brought up and a little disappointed.  Seems like they did a search and replace on 2005 with 2008.  If you took the 2005 exam (70-445) or have the Transcender prep tests you are all set.

If you have the time before the end of the month I would definitely recommend taking it now for freeSmile  In eight weeks I will find out if I passed or not, so until then I just have to wait patiently.

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