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Microsoft Business Intelligence VPC Release 7

Posted by denglishbi on October 11, 2008

So this past week I was at the MS BI Conference and finally got a copy of the MS BI VPC 7 release (July 23, 2008).  Still waiting on the actual publication of the files for the community wide download like releases 5.1 and 6.  The overview documentation has not been updated with the new items that were added, so I quickly went through and tried to pick out the new items and mark them below.


There were a couple of new demos that I wanted to point out in regards to IT and Hospitality.  The IT demo has a nice overview and service level dashboard to take a look at:



And the Hospitality one has quite a few pages and here is a screenshot of the executive dashboard page:


I just thought this one was interesting since I worked in the casino industry for over ten years and it is kind of neat to get other points of view on how people like to analyze the data and take a look at the cubes that were designed.

The VPC is still running on Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2005 and has a time bomb expiration of December 4, 2009 (same password as before – pass@word1).  Hopefully it will be available soon for everyone to download, so until then this will give you a sneak peek. 

If you are going to be using these VPCs I would definitely recommend running it on an external USB drive, give it about 1.5 to 2GB of memory, and when you are done using it close the VPC with the ‘save state’ option from the Action menu within the virtual PC (this will speed up the start time for when you want to use it the next time since everything will already be loaded).

UPDATE: If you are looking for the download you can check my more recent blog posting about MS BI VPC R7.1 – Microsoft Business Intelligence VPC Release 7.1

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Hereos Happen {Here} Hands on Lab Manuals

Posted by denglishbi on April 5, 2008

If you went to one of the launches there was a hands on lab setup with some great exercises that you could take to take a look at some of the features that are available in Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008, and SQL Server 2008.  I did some of the PowerShell labs for Windows Server 2008 (a few minor issues in the labs, but nothing that I couldn’t figure out) and Change Data Capture (CDC) and Table Partitioning (not a new feature in 2008, exists in 2005 – Enterprise Edition) in SQL Server 2008.

If you haven’t attended a launch yet I would highly recommend checking out the virtual lab area, but if you don’t get a chance or missed out here is the link to the site that has all of the lab manuals you can download.

Heroes Happen {Here} Hands on Lab Manuals

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Downloadable books for PerformancePoint Server (PPS) 2007

Posted by denglishbi on January 30, 2008

Just read about these in one of the blog postings that I read.  These books have been posted on the TechNet site for download (Word documents).  It is nice that they have provided this content in a printable format.  These are just parts of the entire PerformancePoint library content on TechNet.

PerformancePoint Server 2007 Planning & Architecture Guide (1.33 MB) –

This book provides detailed information about Microsoft PerformancePoint Planning and Monitoring Server 2007 client and server architecture, and addresses topics essential to planning a PerformancePoint Server deployment in a large enterprise environment.

PerformancePoint Server Operations Guide (3.15 MB) –

This book provides prescriptive information for maintaining and performing the daily operations of Microsoft PerformancePoint Planning and Monitoring Server 2007.

Deployment Guide for PerformancePoint Server 2007 (1.11 MB) –

This book provides prescriptive information for planning and deploying Microsoft PerformancePoint Planning and Monitoring Server 2007

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Office SharePoint Server 2007 Training

Posted by denglishbi on December 6, 2007

I love free training opportunities.  Microsoft has now released a network (portal) or a standalone client version of some Office SharePoint Server 2007 training materials.  The training includes videos, interactive tutorials, and articles.  The Training topics lead you step-by-step through beginning to advanced features, including Collaboration, Business Processes and Forms, Portals and Personalization, Search, Business Intelligence and Enterprise Content Management.  I am current in the process of download the material to take a look at it.

The Standalone Edition is accessed through your browser after you install the application on your personal computer. If you are a server administrator and want to install the Portal Edition to your Office SharePoint Server site, click here. The Portal Edition allows you to add content to help your users learn about the rich features of Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Take a look for yourself if you are interested:

Office SharePoint Server 2007 Training (Standalone Edition)

Office SharePoint Server 2007 Training (network)

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Weekly Downloads for WE 12/01/2007

Posted by denglishbi on December 3, 2007

I must admit that I am constantly on the lookout for new things to download. Here is what I downloaded this past week:

  • SQL Server 2005 Books Online (September 2007) – Download an updated version of the documentation and tutorials for Microsoft SQL Server 2005. See the "Additional Information" section for an update on SQL Server Express Books Online. For a list of updated topics, see "New and Updated Books Online Topics (15 September 2007)."
  • Microsoft Office Mobile 6.1: Upgrade for Microsoft Office 2007 file formats If you’ve got a Windows Mobile 5.0 or Windows Mobile 6 phone or PDA, you’ll want to grab this update. The update is free for anyone who has an existing copy of Office Mobile, which should cover most Windows Mobile users. It adds support for Office 2007 documents including DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files. There’s also enhanced viewing capabilities for Excel Mobile, the ability to add SmartArt in PowerPoint Mobile. Users can also view and extract files from ZIP folders.
  • Free Download Manager v2.5 – FDM accelerates downloads by splitting files into sections and then downloading them simultaneously. As a result download speed increases up to 600%, or even more! FDM can also resume broken downloads so you needn’t start downloading from the beginning after casual interruption. FDM lets you download files and whole web sites from any remote server via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP. You can also download files using BitTorrent protocol.
  • Windows Live Writer – Windows Live Writer is a desktop application that makes it easier to compose compelling blog posts using Windows Live Spaces or your current blog service. Blogging has turned the web into a two-way communications medium. Our goal in creating Writer is to help make blogging more powerful, intuitive, and fun for everyone. Writer has lots of features which we hope make for a better blogging experience.
  • SQL Server 2008 – Table valued parameters (Channel9 Screencast) – If you have to insert more than one row of data in a Table, you end up executing the insert statement / stored procedure as many times for each row, with Table-valued parameters you can send multiple rows of data to a single TSQL statement or stored procedure without creating temp tables or doing multiple round trips. Table-valued parameters are a new parameter type in SQL Server 2008 and are declared by using user-defined table types.

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