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24 Hours of PASS Summit Preview July 19-20

Posted by denglishbi on July 12, 2017

The next 24 hours of PASS is coming up next week on July 19.  This is the preview edition getting everyone ready for the PASS Summit coming up at the end of October.

Here is a list of the scheduled sessions that will be showcased:image

  • Last Season’s Performance Tuning Techniques (Brent Ozar, Erik Darling)
  • Create and Load a Staging Environment from Scratch in an Hour with Biml (Scott Currie)
  • Writing User Stories and Slicing Epics for DW/BI Teams (Lynn Winterboer)
  • SQL Server on Linux – Don’t be afraid… this is the same SQL Server that you already know and love. (Martin Wild)
  • Why Did My Clever Index Change Backfire? [Preview] (Kendra Little)
  • DevOps and the Agile DBA (Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman)
  • The SQL Server 2017 Availability Story on Linux (Allan Hirt)
  • Help me, Query Store. You’re My Only Hope (Erin Stellato)
  • Building Polyglot Data Solutions in Azure with Azure Cosmos DB (Sidney Andrews)
  • PowerShell ❤️ SQL Server: Modern Database Administration (Chrissy LeMaire, Constantine Kokkinos)
  • Melissa Data Session (To Be Announced)
  • A Lap Around Azure Big Data and MPP Offerings (Ike Ellis)
  • Implementing Advanced Analytics with SQL Server 2017 and Python (Ginger Grant)
  • Lessons on Linux for the SQL Server Professional (Joseph D’Antoni)
  • Can’t We Just Get Along? Making SSRS, Power BI and Excel Play Well Together (Paul Turley)
  • Virtual CPUs: Right to Ludicrous Speed (David Klee)
  • Azure SQL VM – Implementing Basic AG in SQL 2016 STD (Kenneth Urena)
  • Getting the most from SQL Server – Deploying and Optimizing on Hyperconverged Infrastructure (Greg White)
  • Tools and Tips: From Accidental to Efficient Data Warehouse Developer (Cathrine Wilhelmsen)
  • PowerShell for DBAs, What’s in it For Me? (Ben Miller)
  • SQL Server Data Compression (Kathi Kellenberger)
  • Becoming Proficient with Columnstore Indexes (Niko Neugebauer)
  • A Guided Tour of the SqlClient Namespace (Jay Robinson)
  • On Transactions and Atomic Operations (Gail Shaw)

Lots of outstanding topics and speakers lined up, I can’t wait!

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