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Minnesota Microsoft Power BI User Group Feb 22 Follow Up

Posted by denglishbi on February 23, 2016

Today we kicked off the 2016 year with two presentations, one on SQL Server 2016 and the other on Power BI.  Will Weber (@WilliamWeber) did the first presentation and I did the one covering the majority of the items that have been released for Power BI since I last spoke to our group last June. Wow, that was quite a daunting task, the Microsoft Power BI team has gone crazy and is doing a phenomenal job.

Here is the content I presented and for the demos I covered some of the key new features, but I think I might have glossed over a few as well as skipped a few that I wanted to cover, just not enough time to try and tackle this in an hour:)


The slides do include links, so reference those for more additional information and the complete list of updates, just remember this is not everything, just some of the key items that I selected;)

I also showcased a new Power BI report, Power BI Ideas, that I put together that is based on the Power BI Ideas area.  I thought this would be interesting to show people the items that were completed, that are started, and also being planned for.  That way they could get a good feel to how the User Voice really matters and that people need to use this to submit as well as vote on items, it really does make a difference.


(apologize, I am using WordPress.com which does not allow for the embedding of iFrames, so the image will send you to a link to run the live report)

This report above took some time and work to put together. The Ideas forum area does not have the data in a table, it is all in a list. Plus it appears on multiple pages, so a bit of screen scraping had to be performed. Then you realize that that completed and declined ones are not include in the normal pages. So it took some time and work to compile the file. I have thought about moving the source file to OneDrive and then updating that file using Power Update, we will see.

Some other areas that I wanted to mention that I forgot were some of the nice showcase areas available that include live examples you can interact with:

Department Solutions

Industry Solutions

Partner Showcase

Best Report Finalists

Power BI Showcase

We had great attendance too today, the even was sold out and standing room only, with approximately 120 people in attendance, outstanding!


And “Yes”, that is my work Surface Pro 3 at the bottom right. Are you on team Captain America or team Iron Man?

I can’t wait till May 6!

I also forgot that I had some Power Bars (I thought that was kind of fitting for my Power BI topic…) to give away during my presentation, so I just randomly tossed them out to some attendees afterwards.


Looking forward to another exciting year of Power BI announcements, the roadmap ahead is looking very good!

One Response to “Minnesota Microsoft Power BI User Group Feb 22 Follow Up”

  1. steve jacobson said

    Having spent my career working for the government in law enforcement. I’m retired now and as I look back I can only side with Cap. Tony Stark defied Congress to keep his Iron Man suit from them, Captain America has spent 2 lives protecting America. I believe that a grandfather clause would be the answer. New metahumans as found should be vetted, but Cap and his team, other than Bucky are all veterans of this type of work. I picture it as me, having spent years training for tactical ops and then suddenly have to qualify all over again like a rookie. Not going to happen. I have nothing left to prove. Neither does Cap. The government in the US has become more and more invasive in our lives and the land of the free is a laughable notion these days. Captain America is what the best of us are, and Stark is a privileged elitist who’s narcissism and arrogance are his most dominant character traits. He believes he has the right to do as he wishes because he can. If those in power do that, abuse of that power is always inevitable. I cannot believe Natasha would not side with Barton. In the comics the Vision sided with Cap. We’ll see where this goes but honestly, I probably will be as disappointed with it as I ultimately was with the Civil War Series comics. I’d love to see the government tell the Justice League they must register their identities with federal authorities. Superman (especially the Silver Age powerhouse and as he is in the New 52 and Superman Unchained) could simply throw the earth into space. I’d love to know where Thor is at this time. He’s the closest thing to Superman in the Marvel Universe (even though the Sentry is the solar powered “new” Avenger in the comics. I think that Marvel should have waited at least 5 more years to make this movie so that more characters could be revealed and include the Fantastic Four and others. I’ll wait and render judgement when I see it, but part of me is reticent to do so.

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