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Minnesota Microsoft BI User Group 2014 Q2 Meeting Follow Up

Posted by denglishbi on June 6, 2014

This past Tuesday we had our Q2 meeting.  This was our 3rd meeting of the year.  We had a great turnout and the room was full with over 80 people in attendance. Needless to say the night did not go off with a hitch, technical difficulties including one projector not working so a temp replacement was used, speakers not working in all of the rooms, and then we lost power during the middle of the second presentation.  Microsoft did a fabulous job working on getting these issues resolved, it was just not our night.  I want to thank everyone for their patience, including the speakers.

The content from the meeting should be posted in our Archive area soon – Past Events and Presentations.

In the meantime you can view the opening announcement slide deck here and checkout the upcoming events including TDWI Minneapolis Chapter, PASSMN June Meeting (Lightning Talks this month), and PASS BA VC session.


We had two great presentations – Don covered the 5 Principles for Creating Effective Data Visualizations (outstanding content and examples)


The one resource link that was excluded was the Interactive Demo, Katz Dialect Survey Maps, http://spark.rstudio.com/jkatz/SurveyMaps/.

Here are a couple of other resources that you might find helpful that are posted on the Microsoft downloads done by Stephen Few:

And then Polaris did a case study on how they ended up replacing QlikView with the Microsoft BI stack and demoed their dashboards using PerformancePoint and SSRS.

Here are a few links that Michael Wissink mentioned with regards to using perspectives in PerformancePoint and also security for the Save As My Defaults for the Apply Filters functionality

I also want to mention that we have now received our discount code for the PASS Summit 2014 Conference for the user group.  If you are planning on attending make sure you use the following code and you will save $150 and this will also help benefit our user group as well!

Event – PASS Summit 2014 Conference (Nov 3-7)

Minnesota Microsoft BI User Group
Discount Code: USNCS27

Thanks to everyone that attended our meeting and don’t forget there is a Special Training Event this month on Thursday, June 27 from 3 to 5 (seating is limited, so register now):

Deep Dive into ETL Implementation with SQL Server Integration Services

Registration Link

This session will focus on demonstrations and implementation details covering:

– Leveraging common ETL patterns/options to handle change data capture and covering new capabilities of SQL Server 2014

– Leveraging scripting in Data Flow and tips/tricks to improve performance

– Best practices in ETL Implementation with SSIS

– Executing projects with SSIS catalog; design considerations, best practices and performance monitoring.

At the end of the session, sample code and examples will be provided to all attendees. Complimentary refreshments will be provided during breaks.

About Our Speaker: Anton Rozenson is a Solutions Architect with GNet Group. He has in-depth experience in developing architectures, and leading business productivity projects that span the entire Microsoft Business Intelligence platform. Anton has worked on several successful solution development projects to build end-to-end Data Warehouses with Microsoft SQL Server.


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