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Minnesota TechFuse 2013 Technical Conference Follow Up

Posted by denglishbi on March 25, 2013

This past Thursday was the MN TechFuse technical conference down at the Minneapolis Convention Center – Minnesota TechFuse 2013 Technical Conference.  The event was sold out with around 450 people registered.  The conference had seven tracks with four sessions in each track.

I was the first presentation in the SQL/BI track and the attendance was great with people even sitting in the front row.  There were lots of really good questions as well and for me that is the best part of the presentation (along with all of the demos working).  The core focus on my presentation was covering Microsoft Excel 2013 which included new features, PowerPivot, and Power View.  This presentation alone could have easily been a half-day by itself.  Overall I think it went very well and I hope everyone that attended was able to walk away with a few new nuggets of information.

In my demos I covered Quick Analysis, Recommended Charts, Flash Fill, Quick Explore, Timeline, Office Apps, PowerPivot – native and advanced support, and Power View.



I was hoping to have a little time at the end to cover a few additional add-ins available with Excel such as Data Explorer and GeoFlow, but time did not permit for that.

For people that are interested in those two topics I do have a blog post on Data Explorer here – Installing Data Explorer Preview & Demo with IMDB Data – and I will work on putting together one on GeoFlow.

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