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Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) Resources

Posted by denglishbi on October 13, 2011

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UPDATE (10/20/2011): Added an updated link for the PowerPivot TechCenter – http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/bi/ff604673.aspx.

Attended a session today on Power View and received a USB drive with some good resources on it. I thought I would share one that contained a bunch of links:


Microsoft BI Resources

PowerPivot Hands on Demo and Download: http://powerpivot.com
PowerPivot (Self-Service BI):
SSRS (Operational & Managed Reporting):
SSRS Report Builder (Ad Hoc Reporting):
PerformancePoint Services (Dashboards, Scorecards, Advanced Analytic Charts & Grids):
Excel (Personal Productivity):
SSAS (Data Mining):
Forums to use for researching / posting questions

I also have a list of the Microsoft BI portals, but I think most if not all are possibly listed above here already – Microsoft Business Intelligence Portal Page References.

6 Responses to “Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) Resources”

  1. […] Microsoft’s “BI solutions” include everything from PowerPivot and Excel, to SharePoint search and PerformancePoint capabilities, to reporting services. They’re the tools and add-ons that complement SQL Server. […]

  2. Michael Blythe [MSFT] said

    In reference to the PowerPivot TechCenter — the link is actually http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/bi/ff604673

  3. Stephenk said

    I am at the beginning of moving from .NET developer to BI developer. I’m about to study my butt off.
    First off, I’m very good with T-SQL, stored procs, UDF’s, and everything SQL Server.

    Please let me know that I’m doing the right thing by moving to a BI career.
    At this moment, I need someone to say that I’m not crazy. Only my doctor can tell me I’m crazy (insert laughter).

    Stephen Kelley

    • denglishbi said

      This is a very logic transition and I would expect that you probably already have some experience with the reporting side of the BI world. I also transitioned from being a .NET programmer as well and got very interested in data warehousing and understanding all of the Microsoft BI toolset offerings. If you truly are interested in this area and are passionate about it you have no worries. The job market is extremely active and good resources are hard to find. The pay is also very nice as well. Definitely look at some of the certifications that are available as well to further enhance and decorate your resume. Best of luck and congratulations!

      • Stephenk said

        Thanks, I am going to commit myself to this BI endevor. I am so tired of C# coding that learning BI shouldn’t take long. At least some of the toolsets.
        Someone said with the book: “Knight’s Microsoft Business Intelligence 24-Hour Trainer”. So that is where I’m going to start. Thanks for your encouragement.

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