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Free SQL Server Community March 2011 Training

Posted by denglishbi on February 25, 2011

Head over to Pragmatic Works site and take a look at all of the training that is available in March.  In March we have the baker’s dozen with 13  webinars lined up with a wide range of topics, just take a look at the line up.image  Looks like a little March BI Madness:)

  • March 1, Ben Evans – Intro to .NET for DBA 
  • March 2, HP and Devin Knight – Designing your Data Warehouse Platform 
  • March 3, Mark Stacey – Microsoft’s BI Stack: How to Choose a Technology 
  • March 8, Chris Webb – Caching and Cache-Warming in Analysis Services 
  • March 9, Tom Pizzato – Implementing the New Fast Track 3.0 Architecture 
  • March 10, Sherri McDonald – Rock Your Report 
  • March 15, Adam Jorgensen – 0 to Cube 
  • March 16, Roger Moore and HP – Scaling a Data Warehouse with EDW 
  • March 17, Brian Knight – Performance Tuning the Cube 
  • March 23, Mark Mortimore and Mark Stacey – HP BDA Appliance: Accelerating Decisions using SharePoint BI and PowerPivot 
  • March 24, Jose Chinchilla – BI Decaffeinated
  • March 29, Jose Chinchilla – Deploying SSIS packages
  • March 30, Brian Knight – Performance Tuning the BI Platform

If you miss a session they record them and you can check them out later on-demand in the webinar resource area.

It looks like they already have the line up going for April as well.

So what are you waiting for, get registered for one of these spectacular webinars today – Webinar Registration.



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