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Free SQL Server Community February 2011 Training

Posted by denglishbi on January 31, 2011

Head over to Pragmatic Works site and take a look at all of the training that is available in February.  In February they have 11 business intelligence webinars lined up presented by Brian Knight, Patrick LeBlanc, Shawn Harrison, Sherri McDonald, Jose Chinchilla, Mike Davis, and Devin Knight  The technologies covered will be SSIS, BI xPress, SSRS, SSAS, and Task Factory.image

  • February 1, Brian Knight – Data Cleansing in SSIS
  • February 2, Brian Knight – BI xPress Launch Party
  • February 3, Patrick LeBlanc – Change data capture with SSIS
  • February 8, Shawn Harrison – Building your first SSRS Dashboard
  • February 9, Brian Knight – Administering SSIS with BI xPress
  • February 10, Sherri McDonald – Introduction to SSRS
  • February 15, Jose Chinchilla – Building SSRS reports on your cube
  • February 16, Mike Davis – Developing BI solutions faster with BI xPress
  • February 17, Jose Chinchilla – Building SSRS reports on your cube
  • February 22, Devin Knight – SSAS Security
  • February 23, Devin Knight – Taking SSIS to the Next Level with Task Factory

If you miss a session they record them and you can check them out later on-demand in the webinar resource area.

It looks like they already have the line up going for March as well, they already have six sessions posted, so check out the online training schedule.



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