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Archive for November 17th, 2010

Free SQL Server Community November Training

Posted by denglishbi on November 17, 2010

Head over to Pragmatic Works site and take a look at some training that is available this month.  Yesterday Jamie Thomson did an SSIS performance webinar and Chris Webb and Brian Knight are doing ones this month as well (tomorrow is the one being done by Chris).  Can’t beat the price either, FREE, plus you are getting the information from the pros (MVPs!), and they are broadcasted, so you can connect from work, home, or any place you have an Internet connection.image

  • November 16, Jamie Thomson – SSIS Dataflow – Designing for performance
  • November 18, Chris Webb – Introduction to Performance Tuning Analysis Services 2008
  • November 23, Brian Knight – Building calculations in SSAS 2008

If you miss a session they record them and you can check them out later on-demand in the webinar resource area.


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SQL Server ‘Denali’ SQL11 CTP1 Install Experience

Posted by denglishbi on November 17, 2010

Nothing really new with install compared to the SQL Server 2008 R2 install, but I wanted to share my experience installing the product.  I installed this on a Windows 7 32 bit OS to test out and take a look at some of the new features that are available in the CTP1 release.

image image image
The please wait message you will see periodically throughout the process during some validation checks of your system. Installation menu page The ‘Denali’ CTP1 logo
image image image
Setup Support Rules check – passed with flying colors Installing the Enterprise Evaluation edition of the product License agreement terms
image image image
Ready to install support files Support Support Rules check again – just a warning that the firewall is enabled Setup Role – going to perform the feature installation
image image image
Going to install everything that is available Installation Rules check – passed with flying colors again Instance Configuration screen – just going with a default instance
image image image
Disk space required for the full install – 6076 MB compared to the 6102 MB required for the R2 install Server configuration – time to setup the accounts for running the services Database Engine configuration screen and account provisioning setup
image image image
Don’t forget to setup filestream if you want to install the latest Adventure Works sample database Analysis Service configuration screen and account provisioning setup Reporting Services configuration screen – just doing a native install
image image image
Error Reporting option to help out Microsoft Install configuration rules check – all systems clear Ready to go ahead with the install
image image image
Installation progress – here we go Error message referencing a file during install – not everything will be installed during Round 1 (at least for me) Install issue prevented the Management Tools from being installed
image image  image
Time to send the install issues to Microsoft Install Round 2 – add features to existing install Need to install Management Tools
image image image
Okay, all set for Round 2 Success! Shortcut menus available after installation
image image image
SQL Management Studio splash screen – powered by Visual Studio… Rounded corners BIDS is still using Visual Studio 2008 for now
image image imageimage
CTP1 only has changes for SSIS (at least for the BI side of the world which is my focus) Some new icons to get at parameters (new item) and variables Window along with SSIS Toolbox Control Flow toolbox items
image imageimageimage image
New Zoom item available on design surface and rounded corners for the items Data Flow Task toolbox items – new assistants (wizards) for source and destinations Initial source assistant Window

Well that is it for now.  If you are interested in the new SSIS enhancements and want to give the CTP1 release a test drive there are some cool new features.  I plan on doing a couple of follow up postings going over some of these.  If you can’t wait and have an hour to check out a video you can take a look at a recent presentation done at TechEd Europe What’s Coming Next In SSIS.

If you want you can check out some of the BOL items for ‘Denali’ here to get some more details on what is available in the new release:

The build number for the CTP1 release is 11.0.1103.9

That is it for now.  Time to start diving into the SSIS changes.

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