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Archive for October 12th, 2010

PerformancePoint Unexpected Error Occurred 11861

Posted by denglishbi on October 12, 2010

From time-to-time when I am building out a new dashboard with PerformancePoint Services 2010 I will all of a sudden get an unexpected error when I try to create an Analytical Report.  When I create the report and add a measure to the report I simply get the error message “An unexpected error occurred. Error 11861.”


An unexpected error occurred. Error 11861. Additional details have been logged for your administrator.
Contact the administrator for more details.

When I try to add items to the report I keep getting a message stating “This data source cannot be used because PerformancePoint Services is not configured correctly. Additional details have been logged for your administrator.”


That is a funny message.  Kind of scary as well.  Is my PerformancePoint broken?  Oh no!  Help!  What did someone do to the service?  Wait a second, I just got done setting up KPIs with no problems.  What is going on?

Well the issue is that you have created a data connection that is currently not published (saved) to the server.  KPIs don’t have any issues with this, but the Analytical Reports do.  You will notice other odd things during your PerformancePoint development like this where these two items behave a bit differently.

So if we take a look in the Workspace Browser we will see the pencil on the data source icon in the data connections.  This means that it has been modified and is basically in edit mode.  This could also be the case if it was already saved (published) to the server, but in this case I have not performed an initial save.


So if we select the data connection and click the Save icon in the Quick Access Toolbar or do a right-click and select Save then the data connection will end up looking like this:


Now if we go back to our Analytical Report we were creating we will see the following message:


Drag measures, dimensions, or named sets to Rows and Columns to lay out the report.

Now the designer is happy and we can build out the report and add items to the rows, columns, background, etc.


So if you get this message don’t be alarmed and go running off to your SharePoint Farm Administrator, simply take a look at your Workspace Browser and see if you have a connection that needs to be published.

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