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Archive for October 8th, 2010

Where did my Excel PowerPivot tab go? Follow-up

Posted by denglishbi on October 8, 2010

Back in June I did a post called Where did my PowerPivot Excel 2010 tab go? and I talked about being impatient waiting for Excel to startup.  The reason that it takes longer now is that I have to wait for the add-ins to load and specifically the PowerPivot one now that I am using that with Excel 2010.

I had a dream that Excel would load fast.  I even did a tweet about this back in May:

denglishbi any options to speed up #Excel 2010 loading. now that #PowerPivot is installed it takes too long to load add-in & extras. please speed up.

I then did the post that I referenced above talking about how I was able to disable the PowerPivot add-in by clicking on the cancel option on the startup splash screen when Excel loads up.  Little did I know there was someone observing my comments and they decided to take some time and actually build out a solution!  And his name is Hrvoje Piasevoli (Blog | Twitter).  He came up with a solution creating some PowerShell scripts – Shortcuts to start Excel with or without PowerPivot add-in.  Today I download the solution and ran the setup process provided in his instructions and it works like a charm!  Big kudos to Hrvoje!

imageOne thing to watch out though is that if you don’t use the shortcuts to access Excel the next time that it will load up the last option that you ran.  This means that if you do the ‘Excel Only’ shortcut, close Excel, and then click on the Excel shortcut in the start menu that Excel will load normally (without PowerPivot add-in).  To enable the PowerPivot add-in you can follow my steps in the posting above or simply close Excel and then double-click the ‘Excel with PowerPivot’ shortcut on your desktop.

Many thanks go out to Hrvoje for creating this setup.  Maybe it should be moved out to CodePlex?  Not sure what the process is for that, but definitely a sweet little setup and even includes an uninstall process.  Once again, thanks Hrvoje!  You rock!

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