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Archive for July 21st, 2010

PerformancePoint Services PowerPivot Data Sources Error

Posted by denglishbi on July 21, 2010

So I was working on a PerformancePoint 2010 dashboard and making really good progress.  I then ran had to add a new source into a PowerPivot (Excel 2010) file and the source was a SharePoint 2010 list.  I went out to the SharePoint list and clicked on the Export as Data Feed option in the SharePoint Ribbon List options.  When I pulled this atom feed into PowerPivot I ended up receiving an error message (even though the connection tested out okay) stating

“For security reasons DTD is prohibited in this XML document. To enable DTD processing set the ProhibitDtd property on XmlReaderSettings to false and pass the settings into XmlReader.Create method”

So I checked the advanced settings of the connection setup, but didn’t see anything related to this.  I then went ahead and did a quick search and came across this posting from Dave Wickert Using a SharePoint list as a data source and realized that when the SharePoint 2010 server was setup that the ADO.NET Data Services 3.5 SP1 hotfix was not installed on the server.  I went ahead and installed this which then required a reboot for the fix to take effect.

When the server was back up I could then proceed with the SharePoint list import into PowerPivot, but then I realized that none of the PowerPivot data sources in PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer were working.


“This action cannot complete because PerformancePoint Services is not configured correctly.  Additional details have been logged for your administrator”

And when I went into a report referencing the PowerPivot source in the designer I got this message:


“This action cannot complete because PerformancePoint Services is not configured correctly.  Additional details have been logged for your administrator.”

Interesting since everything was working fine prior to the server reboot.  So I went and took a look at one of the deployed dashboards and noticed that nothing was working.



Well this isn’t good.  So I checked that the PowerPivot files were accessible in SharePoint and were working properly which there were.  I then check the authentication setup on the PerformancePoint PowerPivot data sources to verify everything was still setup properly.  The data sources were configured to utilize the Per User Identity option.  Typically this might require Kerberos to be configured, but in our case we were using PowerPivot which is claims based aware and this should work…assuming that the Claims to Windows Token Service is actually started (Information on SharePoint Services that need to be started).  So I go ahead and take a look at the services running on the server.


Oh no, the service has not started yet.  I go ahead and start the service and retest my PowerPivot data source connections in Dashboard Designer


Success!  We are off to the races.

For some additional information on troubleshooting PerformancePoint Services check out this posting here – PerformancePoint Services troubleshooting.

UPDATE (7/21/2010): Kasper de Jonge just notified me about an issue with this service and once again Dave Wickert has a blog posting about it – Help: c2wts has fallen and it cannot get up.  Yesterday I waited for over 10 minutes and it still had not started.  Looking forward to implementing this fix.


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