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PASSMN July 20, 2010 Monthly Meeting

Posted by denglishbi on June 28, 2010

The next Minnesota SQL Server User Group meeting is on Tuesday, July 20.  This month we have a special speaker, Itzik Ben-Gan, who will be presenting on Query Tuning Tips.  The meeting time has also been modified to accommodate Itzik’s schedule and we will be starting at a later time of 5 p.m.


In order to RSVP for the event you will need to login to the national PASS site and click on the RSVP link.  The sponsor for next month’s event is Digineer.


PASSMN July 2010 Meeting – Query Tuning Tips


5:00 –5:15 : Announcements
5:15 –5:25 : Sponsor
5:25 –6:45 : Query Tuning Tips (Itzik)
6:45 –7:00 : Survey Collection and Giveaways


Query Tuning Tips (presented by Itzik Ben-Gan) – Given a SQL Server querying problem there’s much that you can do to enable a good performing solution. Tuning involves arranging an optimal physical environment, e.g., by creating supporting indexes, as well as writing the query in a way that it would get an optimal execution plan. Many factors can affect the efficiency of the solution including the availability of indexes, data distribution and density, and others. In different scenarios, a different solution could be the most efficient for the same querying problem. Query tuning could be considered an art. This session will provide various tips to do efficient query tuning and demonstrate those through specific tuning examples.

We will have some copies of Itzik’s books as giveaways as wellHot  So not only can you come and hear him talk in person, but you will have a chance to take him home as wellSmile

Hope to see you there! 

Also, don’t forget, if you are planning on attend the national PASS 2010 Summit that there are some additional discounts that you can take advantage of that expire at the end of June – SQL PASS 2010 Summit – June Discounts.

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