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Real-time Pizza Tracker by Domino’s

Posted by denglishbi on June 24, 2010

I will have to admit, I haven’t had a Domino’s pizza since I was in college.  Last night we were looking to get some dinner and my wife was checking out the Domino’s website.  She was impressed with all of the different offerings that were now available ranging from pizza of course to sandwiches, pasta, wings, bread bowls, etc.  We have both seen the new commercials in regards to them changing the recipe and basically starting over from scratch – thank you.  That is one reason I haven’t had a Domino’s in such a very long time, I just wasn’t impressed with their pizza.

The interesting thing about the new experience on the website was not only the pizza builder, but once you submit your order you can utilize their pizza tracker to watch the status of your order.  My wife clicked on the link to check it out and was really amazed.  We could both sit there and watch as our order moved through each stage of the process – order placed, prep, bake, quality check, and order has been received.


The other neat thing was that below the tracker messages were being displayed so that we could see who was prepping our order, who was delivering it – along with when they left, and at the end (displayed in picture above) that ‘MMM, IT’S THERE – We hope you’re enjoying your meal!’.  Very cool and it was neat to watch.  We were amazed at how quickly the turnaround was and couldn’t believe the service.

Not only was the real-time Domino’s Tracker tool impressive, but I will have to say I am now onboard with the new recipe – great decision to dump and start over.  The new pizza formula was fantastic and so was the cheesy bread and cinna stix.  I would definitely have to give Domino’s five out of five stars for not only the food, but also the experience.  Very impressed and love the tracker feature.

3 Responses to “Real-time Pizza Tracker by Domino’s”

  1. Adam said

    You know, back when they first introduced this, you had to agree to terms of service first. And the first term on the list was that you weren’t allowed to track anyone else’s pizza. I always thought that was more than a little amusing.

  2. seema said

    I was pretty impressed too when I saw this Pizza tracker for the first time, since ours was not a delivery but a take-out, we actually knew what time to leave home to just reach there in time :)

  3. Allen said

    Okay, so maybe I’m just too easily impressed, but I liked it too.

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