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Free Online PerformancePoint Services 2010 Training Videos

Posted by denglishbi on April 17, 2010

Are you looking for some training on the PerformancePoint Services? Do you have 50 minutes to spare?  Well you are in luck, you can head over to Up to Speed with PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer and checkout the six videos that are available to give you an overview of the product on how to use it and deploy dashboard solutions in SharePoint 2010.

Here is what is available for you to checkout and I have included the duration of each video:Microsoft SharePoint

The examples that are done are utilizing the new Microsoft Contoso BI Demo Dataset for Retail Industry that appears to be replacing the Adventure Works data going forward.

If you are unable to use audio or are hearing impaired you can utilize the caption option in the videos.  By clicking on this option in the toolbar –> image you will get the closed captions added to the video.


By no means are the items that are created in these tutorial videos using any best practices or production ready  dashboards.  The scorecard that gets created in Video 3 does get cleaned up a bit in Video 5.  The metrics referenced still don’t get any formatting applied to them, but at least the target isn’t referencing the same metric as the actual.

The report that gets added in Video 4 is interesting and confused me initially until I realized that the first metric being displayed was Sales Quantity, not Sales Amount…


I was wondering how the Sales Gross Margin could be greater than the Sales Amount until I realized that I was actually looking at Sales Quantity that was formatted with Currency format.  NOTE: in general, make sure that the metrics in the cube have the proper formatting associated with the metric.

With the changes that have been done now by integrating the PerformancePoint product into SharePoint you will see that the Deployment has been greatly streamlined and has removed all of the pop-up windows that you previously had to deal with.  You will also notice that in the Properties tab of the Dashboard items you have a new section added for the Deployment Properties.


Overall the videos are a good start for anyone that wants to familiarize themselves with the Dashboard Designer tool in PerformancePoint Services that is part of SharePoint 2010 (Enterprise Edition).

If you are looking for more material in regards to SharePoint 2010 you can head over to this site for more content – http://office2010.microsoft.com/sharepoint-help.

If you are still using PerformancePoint 2007 or want to get up-to-speed with that product then head over to here – PerformancePoint Server 2007 training courses.

7 Responses to “Free Online PerformancePoint Services 2010 Training Videos”

  1. Jairus said

    Hi,dear Dan, I’m wondering is there some link to download the ddwx file for PPS of Microsoft Contoso BI Demo Dataset which we can found in the vedio? thanks a lot!

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  3. Sameer said

    I am having issues with Per User Identity connections in Datasources. The Unattended service Accout works but not the Per User Identity, can you help me with this issue.

  4. Thanks a lot for the posting. Good resource for beginners

  5. Nick said

    Great training videos! Is it possible to mesh up 2 different cubes in single dashboard?

    • denglishbi said

      It depends on how you are trying to mesh them up on the dashboard. What are you trying to do? If they have conformed dimensions it should work just fine. Would need more information on how you are trying to use the data from the 2 different cubes though.

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