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Excel Monkey T-Shirt Contest Entry

Posted by denglishbi on March 25, 2010

Earlier this month Rob Collie posted a contest to come up with a design for an Excel Monkey T-Shirt contest.  Rob took a little heat for making an Excel Monkey comment during a webcast, which I might add had just over 500 people – how awesome is that?  PowerPivot still seems to slowly be peaking people’s interest.  Surprising how many people I talk to that still do not know that much about it, especially since I saw its debut at the Microsoft BI 2008 Conference by Donald Farmer.

Getting back to the Excel Monkey comment, I think certain people just didn’t like the reference.  People call me a geek and I think it is great.  If you know me, you would probably agree too.  I tend to get a little worked up about the Microsoft technology and for that matter, just about anything technology related.  If you see me in the winter months here I even promote my geekness (not sure if that is a word or not) by wearing a Geek winter cap and I even have a t-shirt that says ‘Geek Inside’ (kind of like the ‘Intel Inside’ saying).  I have some geek patches too, but haven’t done anything with those yet.  You can get this type of apparel at Think Geek (it is awesome).


So whether you are called an Excel monkey, ninja, guru, wizard, etc. I think you should be happy that you are being recognized for your abilities.  You have taken an application to the next level (maybe even generation) and your peers recognize that.

Back to the contest.  I had three or four different ideas that I was pondering and I wanted to bring them to life.  Unfortunately I am not a graphic designer, so I had to rely on Office Clipart.  I took a couple of my ideas and combined them into a single design, one on the front and the other on the back.  Here is what I came up with:


On the front I had the ‘Excel Monkey Evolution’ where I displayed four different monkeys with bananas going from Excel 4.0 to 2000 to 2007 and now PowerPivot (I know it is add-in within 2010, but it brings the self-service analytics to the users and is very powerful).  Then on the back I had ‘Unleash Your Inner Monkey’ and displayed a monkey in a karate outfit doing a kick with the PowerPivot logo again.

I believe I possibly won the contest and will get the books once they have been published, still waiting on the official word though.  I just wanted to post my entry so everyone could check it out.

UPDATE (4/7/2010): I guess I lost – http://powerpivotpro.com/2010/04/07/david-coe-wins-excel-monkey-contest/.

3 Responses to “Excel Monkey T-Shirt Contest Entry”

  1. Ayyappan said

    Dan,Sorry for late reply, It is really a good thinking… your design is very good and innovative.Please display the result too :)

  2. Dan said

    Thanks for the feedback. I will have to see what the anticipated dates are for the books to see when I might expect them.

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