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WROX Free SQL Server Community Training – Feb/Mar 2010

Posted by denglishbi on February 10, 2010

Interested in getting some free training on SQL Server?  From a DBA and/or BI Developer standpoint?  Well you are in luck, just received an email today from Brian Knight and there is some free, yes FREE training coming up this month and next month.  Make sure you sign up early if you are interested because registration is limited.

SQL Server Global Webinar Series

Pragmatic Works, WROX, Red Gate Software and SQL Server Central have teamed up again with the best selling authors in the SQL Server industry.  It’s not often you can get free training from the people that write the books.

Webinar Series: SQL Server 101 Series
New to SQL Server or trying to enter the field? This webinar series will walk you through the Microsoft SQL Server stack so that you can become a DBA or Business Intelligence (BI) developer.
Meet the Authors – Brian Knight, Jorge Segarra, Steve Jones, Brad McGehee, Patrick LeBlanc, Christian Bolton, Adam Jorgensen, Devin Knight

Webinar Series: Week of Business Intelligence
In these sessions you will learn how to design a data warehouse, load it using SSIS, place a cube on top of it using SSAS and report against it using SSRS. Finally, you’ll see how to performance tune and scale the data warehouse using common techniques. All speakers have authored many of your favorite books from Wrox.
Meet the Authors – Joy Mundy, Brian Knight, Devin Knight, Adam Jorgensen, Paul Turley, Mark Stacey, Donald Farmer

* Registration Opens February 1st, 2010 and is limited to the first 1,000 people. Webinars traditionally fill quickly.


One Response to “WROX Free SQL Server Community Training – Feb/Mar 2010”

  1. Monty said

    I really appreciate the WROX for arranging such Webinar Series.

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