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Microsoft All-up BI Demo Release 9

Posted by denglishbi on February 9, 2010

In case you don’t follow my tweets…j/k, but not really.

All-up MS BI Demo Release 9 Beta available in catalog to schedule, but not to download yet – http://mssalesdemos.com/ – document available to review also for demos (BI Demo_SPC_Final).  This release includes Silverlight apps, Bing Maps, Virtual Earth, MapPoint, PerformancePoint dashboards, SharePoint 2010, PowerPivot, Report Builder 3.0, etc.


And it sounds like release 9.2 will be available sometime soon for partners (but only Nov CTP releases, not RC yet) – All-up MS BI VPC 9.2 coming soon for partners – and you will need some serious hardware (just remember these are only Nov CTP releases).

If you were using Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2007 in the past this will not work since the new MS BI Platform leverages SharePoint 2010 which is only x64.  You will need to find alternate options to run the virtual environment.

UPDATE (3/3/2010): The Demo Release 9.2 has been made available on the Microsoft Partner site for download.  There are 42 files in the download (around 29 GB in all, once extracted though over 80).  Need some serious RAM and of course Hyper-V for it to work.  Time to upgrade the laptop.  Demo also requires Internet connection so that you can leverage all of the demos that are included (most likely for the mapping demos I am assuming).


4 Responses to “Microsoft All-up BI Demo Release 9”

  1. Unknown said

    Hi Dan,I have read som recent comments about users (not partners?) being able to download all the parts to the VPC. Is there a link where it’s been released on MSDN or somewhere else that non-partners can get the VPC?Thanks!BJ

  2. Johnathan Lightfoot said

    Hi Dan,
    I downloaded the demo from the partner site and followed the instructions to get it running. The image comes up fine but I am receiving a “Cannot connect to the Configuration Database” error when i try to access SharePoint. After checking it looks like the SQL Server was only an evaluation copy and has expired. Do you know if a new release will be made available or is there a way that i can resolve the issue on the image that i have currently?

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