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Posted by denglishbi on November 20, 2009

I configured Windows Liver Writer to post an update out to my twitter, @denglishbi, a while back and now I have started to do some tweeting since attending the PASS 2009 Summit.  Took me a while to catch on to this and I believe I have it down now, just not fully connected on the phone yet like some people I know…  It is just that sometimes I just want to post a quick item and not do a formal blog posting, so a quick tweet will be nice to post for people and for me to reference.


So I will be doing some occasional tweets posting comments, news, or feedback on items that I come across or run into primarily related to the Microsoft BI technologies like the SQL Server stack, Excel, PowerPivot, PerformancePoint, and SharePoint.  Plus an update will be posted when I submit a new blog posting.

If you are on twitter and would like to add me feel free and I look forward to tweeting with you.




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