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PerformancePoint Server (PPS) 2007 SP3 now available

Posted by denglishbi on October 16, 2009

Yesterday afternoon Service Pack (SP) 3 for PerformancePoint Server was finally released.  I had been posting about some hotfixes that have been release since SP2 that have fixed some issues with support for SSRS 2008 Native Mode and some other minor fixes when exporting items to Excel and interacting with analytical items when you open them in new windows – More PerformancePoint Server 2007 Hotfixes Available, PerformancePoint Server 2007 Hotfixes Available and Build List, and PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer ‘Unable to connect to server’ with SSRS 2008.

The upgrade instructions for going from SQL Server 2005 to 2008 or simply going with SQL Server 2008 still mention the CU9 SQL Server 2005 components, not sure why.  I think it is mainly because the SP2 for PPS came out just before SP3 did for SQL Server 2005.  At a minimum you need CU9, but I would simply go with the SP3 components which are available on the SQL Server 2005 December 2008 Feature Pack site.  And they have also included the information about installing the Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable 2008 pack which was needed after upgrading to PPS SP2.  This wasn’t needed if you already had the full blown Visual Studio 2008 installed.  The version that Microsoft includes in the documentation links is also old, in April 2009 there was a SP1 release that I would recommend instead, but at a minimum you need to have this installed – Microsoft Report Viewer 2008 SP1 Redistributable.  I had made mention of this in the forums after SP2 first became available.

Here are the links to the downloads

And here are the links for the upgrade instructions

Here is the link for the updated SP3 online documentation – Service Pack 3 for Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007

Here is a list of what is new since SP2 for the Monitoring and Analytic portion that I am aware of from the hotfix links, currently the SP3 readme file and KB articles are not available online to get any additional information yet:

  • Fix for the disappearing Analytical Chart toolbar when you click on the Filter buttons to remove empty items (it still does disappear when you click on the drop down arrow and select Reset View though)
  • Fix for exporting an Analytical Chart with more than 14 items in the legend.  Now all of the items will be exported to Excel if there are more than 14
  • Another fix for exporting to Excel with scorecards to resolve issue of exporting values from 9.5 to 9.9 so that they maintain their format instead of being multiplied by 100
  • Fix for you cannot browse the list of Web parts when you are editing a dashboard that is deployed to a SharePoint site
  • Fix for Time Intelligence Post Formula filters display the next day’s date
  • Fix for Member property values may not be displayed correctly in reports or in charts
  • Fix for the connection to SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services fails in PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer
  • Fix PerformancePoint Server 2007 Dashboard Designer issue – Decimal values are displayed inconsistently in SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio and in PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer
  • Fixed: You create a line chart in PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer. The line chart shows only the total percentage value. When you move your mouse to pause over the chart lines, two values appear in the tooltip. The first value is correct. However, the second value is displayed incorrectly.
  • FIX: You add a Time Intelligence filter to a dashboard in PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer. The dashboard displays a ProClarity Analytics Server (PAS) page. When you try to view the dashboard by specifying a time period that is defined in the filter, you receive the following error message on the PAS page: The webpage could not be displayed
  • FIX: You create a data source that has a custom connection string in PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer. The data source is used in a filter on a dashboard. In this scenario, only users who have the Admin permission in PerformancePoint can open the dashboard. When other users try to open the dashboard, they receive an error message that states that they do not have the READ permission to the data source.

    And according to the PerformancePoint Team’s blog posting yesterday – Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 Service Pack 3 is released!

    • For Monitoring & Analytics customers, SP3 offers improved usability, with better handling of zone adjustments, scrolling, and filtering and improved messaging. SP3 also provides better integration with Excel Services, SharePoint Server, and ProClarity.

    They also mentioned that SP3 is available for ProClarity Analytical Server and the documentation states that it is supported on Windows Server 2008 R2 and the instructions are included on configuring this.  I am wondering if this is the same for PPS SP3.  They don’t make mention of this from what I have seen, but maybe that will be included in the ReadMe once that is online – PerformancePoint Server SP3 Readme along with the KB article that isn’t available yet KB975250.

    ProClarity 6.3 SP3 was released on October 9, 2009

    I am interested to see what changes have been made to the usability with PPS SP3.  The posting by the PPS Team was really vague, but I guess they are more focused on the PerformancePoint Services right now.  Guess we will just have to install it and check it out.

    So for now download and enjoy the SP3 which has been finally made available.  SP3 will bring you up to build version 3.0.4414.00 (which is a big jump from 3.0.4318.00 which was the latest hotfix that I had posted about and am running).

    UPDATE (10/16/2009): I just installed SP3 for PPS M&A and it brings you up to build version 3.0.4417.00, not 3.0.4414.00 as stated in the online documentation – http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc656688.aspx.  I will probably be doing another posting today or this weekend in regards to SP3 for PPS M&A.


    2 Responses to “PerformancePoint Server (PPS) 2007 SP3 now available”

    1. יניב said

      A new bug – when a legend has more then 13 items, and is set to be displayed on an analytics chart report, at preview and at the server, the report returns:ReportViewControlUnexpectedError

    2. Dan said

      An error occurs? I didn’t have any issues when the legend had more 14 items and they exported just fine. You do have SP3 installed right? Even before I don’t believe it would ever error out.

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