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PASSMN October 20, 2009 Monthly Meeting

Posted by denglishbi on October 9, 2009

The next PASSMN Minnesota SQL Server User Group meeting is coming up.  The meeting is on Tuesday, September 15 from 3:00 PM to 5:15 PM.  You can visit the local site to get registered at http://www.mnssug.org or click the link to Register Here.

This month the topics are:

Getting To Know Your Indexes (Speaker: Jason Strate, Digineer) – Without proper indexing SQL Server can be hard pressed to create efficient and performant execution plans.  Dynamic Management Views (DMV) and system views provide a slew of information about indexes that can be used to analyze indexes within SQL Server.  In this session we’ll go under the hood of SQL Server to look at DMVs and system views to know what indexes you have, should have, and how they feel about the way applications are treating them.


  • Understanding of performance tuning needs
  • Experience with Database design


  1. Identify methods to analyze current and potential indexes
  2. Learn how to alleviate stress found on indexes
  3. Demonstrate methods for tuning indexes

Jason Strate, Digineer Inc, has been a Database Architect for over ten years and is a SQL Server MVP. His experiences include designing and implementing both OLAP and OLTP solutions involving clustering servers, database monitoring and tuning, analysis services, DTS/Integration Services, Reporting Services, and Notification Services. Jason is actively involved with the local PASS chapter (SQL Server User Group); he is currently serving on the Executive Board and has presented at monthly meetings. Jason contributed to Microsoft’s published white paper Empowering Enterprise Solutions with SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition and actively blogs about SQL Server and related technologies.  Jason participated in the development of Microsoft Certification exams for SQL Server 2008.  Over the past year, he has presented at the SSWUG SQL Server Launch Event and the past two SSWUG Virtual Conferences.  He is also scheduled to present at this year’s PASS Summit in Seattle, WA. 

Enriching the Design of an Analysis Services Cube (Speaker: Peter Myers, Solid Quality Mentors) – In the most basic way, an Analysis Services combines the best aspects of traditional OLAP analysis and relational reporting. In doing so it presents a "single version of the truth" that can satisfy multidimensional analysis and relationship reporting. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The cube can also define server-side calculations, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), actions, perspectives, and translations to provide a richer experience than just querying for results from a database. So beyond storing your data, the cube can store information about how our data is represented and how it should be delivered and presented to the business user. In this presentation, discover through theory, demonstration, and best practices discussion, how to enrich the design of the cube beyond the data itself.

This presentation is suitable for those with a background developing cubes with Analysis Services, and for those unfamiliar with the product yet curious to understand what can be achieved. Introductory theory and numerous compelling demonstrations will make this presentation relevant for all.

Peter Myers has 12 years of solid experience working in OLTP database design and development, DBA support and Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence with SQL Server. Specializing in developing custom data-focused applications and reporting solutions, he provides architecting, development, implementation and support services at all tiers of a multi-tier application.

He has a broad business background supported by a bachelor degree in applied economics, and he extends this with MCITP, MCSD, MCDBA, MCSE and MCT certifications. Currently, he provides mentoring and technical training internationally.

In April 2009, Peter was re-awarded Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for the third time.

Peter enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for Microsoft technologies by presenting at SQL Server user group meetings and technical events, including TechEd (US and Australia) and VSLive.


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