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Archive for August 29th, 2009

Gemini CTP2 Install Experience and Overview

Posted by denglishbi on August 29, 2009

It took me a while, but I tracked down the online links and filled out the survey to get access to the CTP2 release of Gemini known as ‘SQL Server 2008 R2 August CTP and “Gemini” Add-in’.  I also signed up for the CTP3 Gemini Preview.

Here are the screenshots of the install and a quick demo of using the Excel add-in:

image image image
image image image
image image image
Notice the new Add-ins being loaded when Excel 2010 is launched Message that is displayed to request permissions to install the new Add-in Notice the new Gemini section in the toolbar and that the circular Office button in the top left has been replaced with a new rectangular tab
image image image
Gemini items available in the Ribbon Version information and feedback options New Windows opens up when you are going to load & prepare the data
image   image image
Gemini Client Window Home Ribbon options – notice the new icon in the top left Gemini Client Window Column Tools Ribbon options Import wizard to get data from database
image image image
Setup the connection to database server and database (using Project REAL Warehouse Sample database) Select the source tables and you can chose the option to select related tables and preview/filter the data also Once you are done you will get the import summary (selected the date, store, item dimension tables, and the fact store inventory table)
image image image
Import progress, notice that the fact table is already displaying more than 2 million rows! Each source table is pulled into separate worksheets in the Gemini Client Window – almost 4 million fact records! Create relationships between the tables once they are imported
 image image image
Progress of the relationship being created Ability to manage the relationships (view them, add new ones, and delete them) Now you are ready to start working with the data and create a PivotTable or PivotChart within the Excel Workbook that you initially created

That is a quick overview of the install process and a walkthrough of getting the data established with the new Gemini Add-in.  The data that I used for this example was from the Project REAL Reference Implementation.

For additional information in regards to Gemini take a look at some of these areas:


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