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SQL Server 2008 R2 August CTP Install Experience

Posted by denglishbi on August 11, 2009

Yesterday the Express and Enterprise Evaluation Editions of SQL Server 2008 R2 CTP became available to download within the TechNet/MSDN subscription area.  I downloaded the software and ran the install so I could check out some of the new features.  There are a few UI and naming changes in the installation wizard.  The one new addition is the Feature Role where you can perform the SQL Server Feature Installation (database engine, SSAS, SSRS, SSIS, etc.) or the Analysis Services with SharePoint Integration.  This new integration is to setup Gemini Services in a SharePoint farm – Enterprise version of SharePoint Fourteen (14 or 2010, thought it was odd how they spelled it out) is needed to perform this setup.

Here are some screenshots of the whole install process (Build version 10.50.1092):

image image image
Please wait message Planning page menu Installation page menu
image image image
Maintenance page menu Tools page menu Resources page menu
image image image
Advanced page menu Options page menu Proceeding with install and evaluate setup support rules
image image image
Select the Edition Accept license terms Setup the support files
image image image
NEW – Feature Role: SQL Server feature install or Analysis Services with SharePoint Integration (Gemini Services) setup Feature selection Install rules
image image image
Instance configuration Disk space requirements – 2684 MB required to perform full installation Specify service accounts
image image image
Specify collation for database engine and Analysis Services Database account provisioning Database directory configuration
image image image
Setup FILESTREAM Analysis Services account provisioning Analysis Services directory configuration
image image image
Reporting Services configuration setup Error and Usage Reporting options Final install rule check
image image image
Install summary list and configuration file path for install and logging Install progress About 20 minutes later I was done with the install
image image image
Final completion message Still shows a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 menu option and still using the Visual Studio 2008 shell, assuming this will eventually be Visual Studio 2010 Management Studio splash screen
image image image
Build version 10.50.1092 A couple new options in the context menu for deploying data-tier application Which provides a wizard to walk you through the process
image image image
And a menu option for Multi Server Administration New Map Report Item in the Report Designer Toolbox And a new wizard to walk you through configuring the Map report item.  Select your map and get a preview (only USA maps and individual states available now)

Not that it matters, but I performed this install on a Windows 7 RC Ultimate virtual PC that also has the Office 2010 Technology Preview installed on it.

There is a new version of the BOL for the 2008 R2 release that you can download and review.  Just be careful because they will replace and upgrade your existing versions if you have one.

SQL Server 2008 R2 Books Online CTP August 2009

Well that was all for now.  More postings to come later as I start to use the new items and check out some of the changes and additions as I use the August CTP release.


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