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Archive for June 2nd, 2009

Magenic Webinar Business Dashboards Follow-up

Posted by denglishbi on June 2, 2009

Sorry for the delay on this posting in regards to the webinar presentation that I did last week, Magenic Webinar May 28 – Business Dashboards.  The recording has been made available on the Magenic site here in the Seminars and Webcasts – Presentations recording area.  If for some reason you run into an issue when click on the webinar link you might need to try a different browser (like Firefox), or if you are still unable to access the recording contact Magenic at info@magenic.com.

We had close to 60 people attend the live webinar and some good follow-up questions at the end.  Some how my Agenda slides got marked as hidden in the presentation and I apologize for that.  I should have uploaded the presentation as a handout too within LiveMeeting and I will make a mental note of that in the future.

I was using the Microsoft BI VPC version 7 for the demos.  If you are interested in downloading that to take a look at that you can check it out here – Microsoft Business Intelligence VPC Release 7.1.  That posting includes the links for release 7 and 7.1 downloads.  Some of the demos that were in 7 were removed in 7.1 and this VPC environment is still utilizing SQL Server 2005.  If you want to see what is included in the VPC you can check out this posting – Microsoft Business Intelligence VPC Release 7.


If you were unable to attend the presentation you can download and check out the recording here – Seminars and Webcasts – Presentations.

Thanks to everyone that attended and please let me know what you thought so I can look at making adjustments for my future presentations.

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