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PeopleReady Business Intelligence Summit Follow-up

Posted by denglishbi on April 8, 2009

Yesterday we had the local Microsoft PeopleReady Business Intelligence Summit 2009 here in Minneapolis.  I just wanted to post my presentation for everyone to download and take a look at.  I talked about Business Dashboards and went over the dashboard concept, benefits, features, design, functionality, and did a few demonstrations.  I have screenshots of my demos along with references to my sources and additional resources to take a look at included in the download below.

I hope everyone enjoyed the presentation and got something useful out of it.  I just wanted to include a couple additional links to one additional visualization that I showed – Treemap Visualization Demo.  My PerformancePoint dashboard demos I did were from the Microsoft Business Intelligence VPC Release 7.1 (the MS BI VPC R7 release actually – it appears that some of the demos were removed in R7.1).

Unfortunately I was ZoomIt challenged yesterday and I was trying to use CTRL+2 to zoom in on my screens instead of CTRL+1.  I apologize for that, but I was still able to get all of the demos I wanted to show.


Thanks for attending my presentation and I hope everyone enjoyed the event.


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