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Let the blog stats start compiling

Posted by denglishbi on April 5, 2009

So my ClustrMap is officially working now and how cool is that  I also added another StatCounter off to the right above my Search feature.


This was something that Vidas Matelis clued me in on by sending me a message.  He also mentioned the Google Analytics which I would love to incorporate and mentioned back in December, One Year Blog Anniversary:), but Live Spaces does not support the ability to embed the javascript and it needs to be in my main blog page which I do not control and I don’t really plan on moving my site anytime soon.  I tried to incorporate snap shots again using the HTML sandbox gadget, but it doesn’t work. 

This javascript and the Google Analytics needs to be part of the main page.  Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I tried two different techniques and it isn’t working.

Getting back to the coolness of the stats, you can now start to see some of the geographical data coming in and being in the Business Intelligence field this is sweet.  Plus it allows for further analysis by being able to drill into the item (same with the StatCounter) and get more information.

ClustrMaps Information:



StatCounter Information:




And of course there is the Feedburner Information:



This is all very interesting and informative data.  So please don’t forget to update your RSS feed subscription with the new one – http://feeds2.feedburner.com/DanEnglishsBiBlog.

And one last item is that you have to check out the awesome content and site that Vidas has setup on http://www.ssas-info.com.  Lots of excellent Analysis Services information and resources to checkout.  Thanks VidasSmile


2 Responses to “Let the blog stats start compiling”

  1. Vidas said

    Dan, thanks for nice comments about my website! I also wanted to point out that your map and statcounter is visible just on the main page, so you do not track your individual posts, just main page.

  2. Dan said

    Thanks for the info. Yeah, not sure what I need to update the other pages or if that is even possible with Live Spaces. I noticed that when you click on a posting you lose just about everything expect for the blog archive pane which is pretty useless. Not a huge fan of Live Spaces, but trying to get by and adjust. I direct everyone to your site. Great area for Analysis Services information, articles, product list, etc. Thanks for putting that together and keeping it updated with great content.

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