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What type of consultant are you?

Posted by denglishbi on April 3, 2009

Yesterday I was reading the Magenic blogs and Whitney Weaver, one of your SQL Server gurus in Atlanta, posted an entry The Consulting Type List which in turn linked to another Magenicon James Ashley.  James put together a really nice and creative posting What kind of consultant are you?  In the posting he makes reference to different TV and Movie characters and associates different consulting skill sets to each one.

After reading through them I was torn between two of my favorites Jack Bauer and Neo.

jack neo

I am definitely a person that takes a project on my shoulders and is fully committed.  I can definitely see where I can come off too strong at times possibly…especially when it comes to Microsoft related technologies.  I will do everything in my power to come up with a solution and sometimes this does require using what some will call ‘elegant hacks’ or simply put workarounds.  Once someone talks to me about a project or business process my wheels instantly begin to churn

and I start to brainstorm for ideas and solutions.  It is almost like a disease and I am unable to disconnect at times from this process and I will find myself not being able to sleep or waking up in the middle of the night thinking about the project or an issue someone is facing. 

Now I am wondering what other people consider me to be…that would be interesting to find outThinking  So what type(s) do you think you are?  Take a look for yourself – What kind of consultant are you?


2 Responses to “What type of consultant are you?”

  1. Brian said

    I enjoyed this post and the link to the types of consultants. Thanks!

  2. Dan said

    No problem. I thought it was very clever and really enjoyed it myself and wanted to share with everyone and spread it around. So where did you end up placing yourself? I loved the references to all of the television shows and movie characters like jump-to-conclusion guy and Benjamin Linus, etc.

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