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File too large for the destination file system

Posted by denglishbi on February 15, 2009

I experienced this last year working with external USB drives and Virtual Machine files (vhd).  I have seen this come up quite a bit and if you are trying to setup the MS BI VPC then this trick and advice will definitely be helpful.

The reason for this is going to be the file system of the USB or destination that you are copying the file to.  The file that you are trying to transfer or extract is greater than 4GB in size and the destination file system is most likely FAT32.  FAT32 file system does not support files larger than 4GB in size.

Now in my scenario I had a Western Digital (WD) passport USB drive (default file system setup is FAT32) and I had about 100GB of existing files already on the drive.  I really did not want to transfer these files in order to change the file system (and I couldn’t because I am a pack rat and did not have any room to offload the files to).  So what can you do?  Well luckily I came across a blog posting by Scott Hanselman ‘The Duh Files – The file is too large for the destination file system’.  In this posting he provides a very convenient way to convert a file system without having to reformat the drive or move existing files.

If you run into this then you definitely need to check out Scott’s posting above and follow his instructions.  The last drive I got, SimpleTech 320GB, came formatted as NTFS, so no issuesSmile


One Response to “File too large for the destination file system”

  1. Alex said

    actually im trying to sennd a picture from my phonne to my email annd it says file to big. and the picture is nnnot even 1gb

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