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SQL Server Integration Services – Enterprise Manageability Follow-up

Posted by denglishbi on January 26, 2009

Last Thursday David Pendleton, Magenic Senior Consultant, and I got a unique opportunity to do a presentation at our local Microsoft Office in Bloomington, MN to approximately 65 attendees.  I was really happy at the great turnout we had and we had some really good questions asked during and after each presentation.  I want to thank everyone that attended and also provide everyone access to our materials.  I have uploaded them all to my SkyDrive account and they are available here to download – SSIS Enterprise Manageability.  You will find a copy of the presentation material and the demos for review.

I also wanted to include some additional source information for reference here if anyone is interested in doing some additional reading:

Managing and Deploying SQL Server Integration Services

What’s new in SQL Server 2008 for SSIS

dtexec.exe what are you doing? (PowerShell monitoring example)

Loading and Running a Remote Package Programmatically

How to: Implement a Signing Policy by Setting a Registry Value

If you are interested in taking a look at some videos I have a couple that I have made in regards to the Data Profiling Task and also the Cache Transform.  I do have more videos available for viewing on SoapBox and YouTube.

If you have any additional questions about the material that was presented feel free to drop me a line through my blog and I will follow-up with you.  Don’t forget a few of the tips that I pointed out in regards to including the –nosplash in your shortcuts, setting the show precedence constraint labels in the Tools Options, and also that the default Scripting code is set in the Tools Options for C# or Visual Basic in the Integration Services Designers (under Business Intelligence Designers).  Don’t forget to download and install BIDS Helper too – a must have if you are doing SSIS or SSAS development.

image    image

Another great source for getting information in regards to SSIS questions is to take a look at the MSDN forums here – SQL Server Integration Services.  And you never know, I might be the one respondingNerd

I also want to thank everyone that made this possibly and once again a special thank you to everyone that attended and made this a great eventHot

Forgot to mention two other resources that I mentioned during the presentation:

The Microsoft Data Warehouse Toolkit Book Website

The Project REAL download (Project REAL main site: Project REAL – Business Intelligence in Practice)


One Response to “SQL Server Integration Services – Enterprise Manageability Follow-up”

  1. Zach said

    One comment – if you are going to use BIDS Helper, be sure to download their latest code base and compile it yourself – the last build they published has some bugs in it when trying to build your project… Its documented on codeplex.

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