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Microsoft Business Intelligence VPC Release 7.1

Posted by denglishbi on December 14, 2008

Yesterday morning I received some information in regards to the latest All Up MS BI VPC R7.1.  Now what has changed between release 7 and 7.1, not sure.  I know that the files for 7 where dated 7/22 and for 7.1 they are 9/30.  The overview file still has not been updated, so you can reference my previous posting of what changed between 6 and 7 – Microsoft Business Intelligence VPC Release 7.  According to the email I received it states that there are supposed to be some voice added demos, but I am not seeing them unless it is just the presenter scripts (guess I was thinking of videos, but maybe I am reading this incorrectly).  There are also going to be 17 localized versions of the download, but I am not sure when those will be available to access (if at all).

You are going to want to be able to provide at least 1.5 or 2 GB of RAM to this VPC (it will run optimally with 2+ GB of RAM), enable the hardware-assisted virtualization (typically requires a BIOS setting), and run the VPC from a separate drive than the hosting OS. 

As far as the performance goes for the MS BI VPC you can look at some techniques to speed it up here – Speeding up the All-up BI VPC and How to speed up the All up BI VPC 6

There are 38 SSAS databases that are part of this VPC.  This takes 300 MB of your memory right off the get go, so if you are not using some of these samples then stop the SSAS service, move the data for the SSAS databases to a backup location for future reference when needed (or you could backup the SSAS databases and then remove them from the instance – which ever one you feel is easier), and then restart the SSAS service.

And just a reminder that the Administrator password is the generic Microsoft one pass@word1 and this VPC has a time bomb of April 15, 2010.  This VPC is using Windows 2003 Server R2 SP2 Enterprise Edition, PPS 2007 with SP1, PAS 6.3 with Hotfix 2215, and SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition with SP2 (actually build 3068 – SQL Server 2005 Build List).  You will need to update this with PPS SP2 and ProClarity SP2 (Hotfix 2217) if you want to have them included – PerformancePoint Server (PPS) 2007 SP2 now available.


Did you think I would leave you hanging again and not include the links?  Here you go, take a look at the MS BI Platform and evaluate it for yourself take a look at the great demos that have been prepared and kudos to everyone that contributed to putting this together.

Business Intelligence Demo Solution – Overview and Presenter Script information (view my previous posting for the latest update on the Overview that I posted above):

VPC Image Download Files (8 files – took about 25 minutes for me to extract out to an external drive once I downloaded them):

Have a safe and happy holiday season

UPDATE (12/28/2008): If for some reason these download links do not work for you you can head over to Russell Christopher’s PerformancePoint Blog for a different set of download links – All Up BI VPC 7.1 Available for Public Download.  The links that I reference above could be for the older version 7 and not 7.1 which Russell references in his posting here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

 I am downloading now to verify.

UPDATE (4/14/2009): The R7.1 release VPC will expire on April 15th, 2010. Userid/password is Administrator/pass@word1The VHD file is 14 GB in size and works optimally with 2+ GB RAM.

 UPDATE (5/7/2009): The download links I have listed above are for release 7 and they include demos that are not included in release 7.1 which are the links below.  I updated the links so that they should all be working since files got moved around.  There are some retail and hospitality demos and a few others that were removed in the links below.  Hopefully a new demo will be coming out leveraging SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008.

3 Responses to “Microsoft Business Intelligence VPC Release 7.1”

  1. David said

    I don’t know if this is the forum but I am having trouble with the Excel demos. When I open Excel and connect to PerformancePoint it comes back with the message "All corrupted Assignments have been deleted". The Sales Forecasting demo is unusable. The Excel half of the Launch Demo can’t open the HeadCount Association. Is there an easy work-around?Dave Ford (dford@hhogdev.com)

  2. Regina said

    Hi, I am getting the following error message when extracting the files:Extracting BI VPC R7.1.vhdExtracting from BI VPC R7.1.part02.rarWrite error in the file BI VPC R7.1.vhd. Probably the disk is fullI am extracting the files onto an external USB hard drive (120gb free space). I also had the same error message when trying to extract the BI VPC version 6. Hope you can help me out on this. I’ve been trying to get this BI VPC up and running for the past week already. Thanks in advance.

  3. Daniel said

    Check to see if the rar files are going to temp files before the extract and combine. That would mean you need double the space pending on what program (and/or file system) your using.

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