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MSDN Forums new look official

Posted by denglishbi on December 13, 2008

So the old forums area was locked down on 12/11 and moved over to the new Social format [MSDN Forums moving…tomorrow (12/8)].  Here is a link to some of the areas that I visit frequently and also subscribe to feeds so I can reply to posting and stay informed of postings and resolutions.  Great content available in the forums and strongly encourage people to use them for FAQs, knowledge center, and great information.

Looks like my history for past 30-days might have been wiped out for contributing to the forums (refer to my previous posting about the forums moving above).  I went in and checked my forum threads and my threads and no history That is irritating because I liked to reference the threads that I had contributed to and reference the information.  So now what?

Anyway, just want to post that this is available and in a new format.  If you are not using the Microsoft forums yet, then please start, you won’t be disappointed in viewing the information or posting questions.  This is an excellent way to contribute to the community and find resolution to your issues or solutions that you are currently working on.

Here is the list of all of the forum areas with the new link references:

  • MSDN
  • TechNet
  • Expression
  • Microsoft
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