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Contributing to the Technical Community

Posted by denglishbi on November 23, 2008

There is nothing I enjoy more than helping out the technical community and my colleagues.  There are different ways that I do this.  I talk to people about technology to share my excitement and knowledge about what I know, have read, or done.  Besides talking to colleagues, clients, and people that I meet I have been involved in local user groups (PASSMN and BI-SIG), made screencasts (YouTube and Soapbox – because of YouTube 10 minute limit some videos are posted on Soapbox), and actively contribute in the forums (MSDN SQL Server, TechNet PerformancePoint, SQL Server Central, and internally at Magenic).

I also share and inform others when I come across new content or solutions by blogging about it or posting content and information internally on the Magenic SQL Server or Business Intelligence SharePoint sites.  Why do I do all of this?  Very good question and not sure if I have a good response.  I just have this passion inside of me for this technology and I really enjoy sharing it with others.  I really enjoy working with the technology and like to help out others and collaborate.

I would just encourage others to share their knowledge also and help contribute to your local user groups, within the forums, and with your colleagues.  Everyone runs into a roadblock and needs advice or guidance and posting and responding within the forums is a great way to contribute.  Please don’t feel embarrassed to post a question or possible solution – by doing so you are only helping others.  And if you post a question and you come up with the solution or someone provides you the solution, please let others know.  Just don’t reply and say ‘figured it out’ or ‘problem solved’ or ‘resolved the issue’ – share what you did to solve the issue because others would like to know – make the community stronger.

That’s it for now.  On to the next blog posting.

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