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Report Builder 2.0 RTM install and overview

Posted by denglishbi on October 18, 2008

Yesterday the blog posting came out on the Reporting Services Team Blog here stating that the Report Builder 2.0 RTM was available to download.  Some of the new features since the release of RC1 are the ability to open up reports on the server for editing and using shared data sources that are on the report server.

So I went ahead and downloaded the latest version and grabbed a few shots to show the installation process and to point out some of the features if you are not familiar with the new stand-alone report designer with the Office 2007 look-and-feel.  Click on the blog posting title to view the entire posting in full screen or simply click here.











Here you can see what the minimum space requirement is

You can set the target server URL and you can see this later in the options section (it will default to http://localhost/reportserver)










The location in the start menu and notice that it comes with a help file too

The SQL 2008 Report Builder 2.0 splash screen

Here is the new report designer and notice the table, matrix, and chart wizards




Here is how you can access the additional options

shows the target URL for deployment and additional settings like being able to clear the recent files list

Includes a nice section of resources to reference and leave feedback




See the nice ribbon with the rich formatting menu access

Here is how you turn on the properties pane

Look at the nice snap-lines for aligning your report items




The report parameters get setup in the new data region pane

With the acquisition of the Dundas visualization code base there are now 58 chart types available

And you can access 21 different types of gauge report items too




Check out the new flexibility with the tablix functionality – multiple groupings/views of the data within the same matrix and subtotaling capabilities

And there is also a new rendering format to output to Microsoft Word – the CSV and Excel outputs have also been enhanced and embedded data regions are now supported in the Excel output

Getting back to the Report Builder 2.0 help documentation.  Here is a quick peek at the content and look at the nice tutorials that are available

Well I hope that this gave a good overview of the installation process and highlighted some of the new functionality with the new end-user report designer that is available.  This is an outstanding tool that end-users are going to really embrace.  The product team has really improved the functionality and improved the user interface.  So go out to the download center and check it out for yourself – Report Builder 2.0 RTM.

If you are interested in learning how the new tablix functionality works take a look at this virtual lab that is available online here – TechNet Virtual Lab: Authoring Reports Using SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services.

UPDATE (3/6/2009): For information about Report Builder 2.0 ClickOnce check out my posting here – Report Builder 2.0 ClickOnce and SQL Server 2008 CTP SP1 Experience.


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