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Deploying PerformancePoint Server (PPS) Dashboard Viewer web part to new Web Application

Posted by denglishbi on October 5, 2008

After you complete the install of PPS Monitoring Server you will go through the configuration manager wizard.  At this point one of the screens will look like this allowing you to deploy the PPS Dashboard Viewer web part to a SharePoint site collection.


So what if I need to deploy this to a different SharePoint Web Application?  If you go through the wizard again everything was been installed so you are not able to deploy to a different site collection.  If you go to the PerformancePoint Team Blog site you can follow the manual instructions to perform the install (How do I deploy the Monitoring web part on a separate SharePoint Web Application on the same SharePoint Web Server?).  I actually went through the steps and in the end I must have missed something because I couldn’t get it to work.  It seemed like there should be an easier way to do this.

So what I ended up doing was to modify the XML file that the configuration manager references.  I went ahead and removed the web part section and then walked through the wizard component again and clicked the install components button and deployed the web part to a different site collection.

Step 1 – go to the following directory to modify the MonitoringConfig.xml file %PROGRAMFILES%Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server3.0ToolsMonitoringConfiguration.

Step 2 – open up the MonitoringConfig.xml file with Administrative privileges (so you might want to run notepad as administrator)

Step 3 – remove the <ConfigUnit ID=”WebParts” /> section in the XML file, save the file, and run the Monitoring Server Configuration Manager wizard again.


Step 4 – getting the web part deployed to new site collection


New site collection in new web application without the web part

Run the Monitoring Server Configuration Manager wizard and select ‘Add componenets’

Notice that the Dashboard Viewer web part is available now for deploying


Displays the database settings for the Monitoring Server, simply continue on to the next step

Select the new site collection that you want to deploy the web part to and proceed on with the configuration process

Dashboard Viewer web part is now available to be used

Well that sure was a lot easier then going through the manual process, but understanding what is going on behind the scenes is always important to fully understand how everything works.

3 Responses to “Deploying PerformancePoint Server (PPS) Dashboard Viewer web part to new Web Application”

  1. Puneet said

    cannot find the <Config ID=”WebParts” /> in the file only "</Root> " is written

  2. Puneet said

    url which is given below is not working

  3. Dan said

    It is supposed to be <ConfigUnit ID=”WebParts” that was my fault. If you take a look in the image that I included you will see the section that needs to be removed. I modified the step so that it is ConfigUnit, not Config.

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