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SQL Server 2008 compared to Oracle 11g

Posted by denglishbi on September 9, 2008

Well it might be a little biased, but it does make direct links to the Oracle web site in regards to pricing.  There is lots of great information with additional sources like InformationWeek, ComputerWorld,  Gartner, etc.  If you want to find out how the two database giants match up check out this site here.  There is also a whitepaper in regards to this that you can download and read here too.  Not only does it talk about the database platform it also mentions the development platform for .NET applications here.
Check it out for yourself and become a believer (if you are not one already like myselfSmile – and yes I do drink the Microsoft koolaid).
Rock on SQL Server 2008 and way to go product teamParty
SQL Server 2008 Free Express Edition Download
Download a 180-day evaluation of the product now and give it a test drive for yourself from here.  Or start using the free SQL Server 2008 Express Edition today (download it from here).
So are you ready to start the migration process to SQL Server 2008, perform an upgrade, or startup a new install of the product?  Contact Magenic at info@magenic.com.

One Response to “SQL Server 2008 compared to Oracle 11g”

  1. Michael said

    All ‘koolaid’ has a shelf life and is open to contamination – I just find it amusing when people promote product comparison’s – typically using all known ‘marketing machines’ as a reference.

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