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Quick Feedback on the 71-452 (70-452) Beta Exam

Posted by denglishbi on September 6, 2008

I went and took the beta exam 71-452 for the MCITP Designing a Business Intelligence Infrastructure Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (70-452) test this morning.  I guess they decided to change up the format compared to the one for SQL Server 2005 (70-446).  The 2005 test was broken out into case studies where you would read the case study and respond to around 15 questions about it.  What I didn’t like about the 2005 format was that each case study was timed and once you were done with one you couldn’t go back and make any modifications.  I wish they would have just given you the full three hours to complete all of the case studies, but I don’t call the shots.  Basically you got 45 or 60 minutes per case study, each case study took maybe 15 or 20 minutes to digest, and then you got about 2 minutes per questionThinking  I will just say that it wasn’t what I would consider a pleasant experience and good luck if you needed to take a bathroom break…
So I did a quick little refresher last night and this morning with the 2005 Transcender prep tests and flash cards thinking that it would be similar to the 2005 test, but I was wrong.  The reason I thought it would be the same was because the MCTS BI tests were basically identical between 2005 and 2008 except for some search and replaces for 2005 with 2008 (reference my earlier posting on that feedback here).  Well I went and took the test this morning and there were no case studies, just 75 questions (most likely won’t be this many when the test goes live; I think they just do all of the questions for the beta — don’t quote me on that one though) and none of them were related.  They were all multiple choice with a few where you had to pick a couple of choices, but that was basically it.  The test was really geared towards the SQL Server 2008 version which was great (but I wasn’t expecting this, no biggie though since I have been using it since the CTP3 or was it CTP4).
You definitely want to study and prepare for the test.  Best advice is to reference the Microsoft prep guide here along with referencing the BOL here or downloading them from here.  Other than that I will find out in about eight weeks how I did and I have my fingers crossed.  The beta was only being offered through Sept 10, so good luck if you take it other wise in a couple of months it should be official (either way good luck when and if you take it).

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