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SQL Server 2008 Upgrade – Who’s First?

Posted by denglishbi on August 7, 2008

The SQL Server 2008 product went RTM yesterday afternoon and everyone is extremely excited for the new release and the blogging really picked up all day yesterday.  The new August SQL Server 2008 Feature Pack has now been released here which has links to download the data mining add-ins for Office 2007 and the latest Upgrade Advisor.  The new SQL Server 2008 install will require Windows Installer 4.5 and so will some of the other portions of the Feature Pack.  I don’t see the Report Builder 2.0 included in the Feature Pack, so still waiting on where to find the RTM version of that product.

So why do you want to upgrade?  There are lots of reasons and tons of great enhancements that have been made.  Lots of time was spent on improving performance within each of the core components, so just upgrading alone you will potentially see 30 to 35 percent increases.  There are lots of new and exciting features in each new toolset that you can take advantage of and here are just a few of the highlights and check out the link here for an additional overview of the new features.

SQL Mgmt Studio – intellisense (along with error list with validation performed pre-execution), new Activity Monitor, Object Search, PowerShell integration, debugger

T-SQL – MERGE, GROUPING SETS, table valued parameters, new data types (Date, Time, DateTime2, Spatial, Hierarchyid)

SSIS – Cache Transform, Data Profiling, Lookup Transform improvements, C# capabilities in script task

SSRS – Report Builder 2.0, tablix, MS Word renderer, improved data visualizations (Dundas charting, gauges, etc.), enhanced textbox

SSAS – enhanced dimension and aggregation designers, DMVs, over 50 AMO best practice warnings, improved time series algorithm, subspace computation and star join optimizations

Additional  – Policy Based Management, Backup Compression, Data Compression, Auditing, Encryption enhancements, Change Data Capture

The list goes on so definitely go to the SQL Server 2008 site and check out the data sheets and to see which version supports what check out the link here.  So who is ready to take the next step and perform the upgrade?  Contact me or Magenic and let us start talking and planning about making the migration to the next version or if you don’t have SQL Server yet we can talk about getting you setup and migrated off which ever database platform you might currently be on.  Maybe you just need the analytic portion on top of your existing platform, so why put it off, contact us nowSmile


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