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Magenic Technology Council (MTC) Summit 2008 Follow-up

Posted by denglishbi on July 15, 2008

Last month Magenic held its first ever MTC Summit in Chicago. I helped check people in and I was able to watch some of the great presentations by Jay Schmelzer, Rocky Lohtka, Whitney Weaver, Jason Bock, Kirstin Juhl, Michael Cummings, and Anthony Handley.  I wasn’t able to check them all out, but there was some excellent content provided and I want to thank everyone who attended and helped to make this a great event.

If you were not able to attend I have placed the presentations in my SkyDrive account here.  I would definitely recommend checking out Whitney’s presentation and T-SQL examples for accessing information with the SQL Server 2005 DMVs.  Whitney is one of our SQL Server gurus in Atlanta. 

The one thing that I really enjoyed was being able to meet and get together with the MTC members and talk about technology.  It was really great to finally meet some of the other Magenicons face-to-face.

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