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SQL Server 2008 (RC0) Report Designer == Report Builder 2.0

Posted by denglishbi on June 12, 2008

Okay, so maybe I didn’t pick-up on it right away when I saw Teo’s blog posting here about the new Feature Pack (June 2008) which is located here, but the standalone Report Designer is no longer part of the SQL Server 2008 installationDisappointed  I went into the start menu after installing the RC0 of SQL Server 2008 and I was confusedConfused  Where is Report Designer?  Then I fired up BIDS (VS 2008) and started up a new Report Server project thinking that it was just integrated into BIDS now.  Well first of all I received an error message when I created a new Report Server project (maybe I need to reboot my VPC to resolve this, not sure)

BIDS Report Server Project Error

What I did notice though was the the designer within BIDS now is the actual designer that is in Report Designer (maybe this was in CTP6, not sure…I only used the Report Designer to get familiar with the new tool).

BIDS SSRS 2008 Design View

So the designer is incorporated into BIDS minus the Office 2007 Ribbon, but still was not what I was looking for.  So I fired up the Report Manager web application and launched Report Builder thinking that maybe this is how I access the new Report Designer.  Nope, this is still Report Builder 1.0, nothing has changedThinking  So now I was on a quest and I remembered Teo’s blog posting, so I downloaded the Report Builder 2.0 install from here and installed that on my VPC. 

This provided a new item in my start menu for Report Builder 2.0, separate form the SQL Server 2008 start menu items.


And after I fired up this application I had a winnerThumbs-up

report builder 2.0 screenshot

The one thing that I am not crazy about, but maybe it is just me and being used to working with the whole project concept (or I am missing something within the product) is that you don’t have the ability to work with a group of reports.  I guess this is how all of the other Office products work, so I can’t complain too much.  I just like the whole project aspect and being able to work with a whole set of related reports a little more easily.

The one nice thing is that this is an MSI file, so IT will now be able to schedule and distribute this application install throughout the organization as needed without having to install the SQL Server client tools for end-users nowSmile

UPDATE (10/18/2008): For more recent information about Report Builder 2.0 refer to my latest blog posting here – Report Builder 2.0 RTM install and overview.

UPDATE (3/6/2009): For information about Report Builder 2.0 ClickOnce check out my posting here – Report Builder 2.0 ClickOnce and SQL Server 2008 CTP SP1 Experience.


2 Responses to “SQL Server 2008 (RC0) Report Designer == Report Builder 2.0”

  1. Luis said

    By the way, did your Web version of report builder upgraded to 2.0? When i run the report builder from the website its still loads version 1.0.. i am confused.

  2. Ameen said

    How can I add single entity fields on Report builder design mode… say something likeFirst Name LastNameAddress and rest of the columns beneath that….Thanks!

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