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PerformancePoint Server – Monitoring & Analytics Tech Night Recording

Posted by denglishbi on June 8, 2008

A couple weeks back I did a Tech Night at the Magenic Minneapolis office.  When I was using the MS BI VPC 6 it froze up on me quite a bit and I am thinking this was because I was using Live Meeting and sharing my desktop because I performed the presentation over the weekend and since then without any issues.  I created a screencast of the entire presentation and uploaded it for everyone to check out to MSN videos (soapbox).  I did the recording five times and picked the best one out of the five.  I would do it a sixth time, but I don’t think I will ever be completely satisfied with the recording, so I finally gave in and uploaded one.

I hope everyone finds it helpful.  I go over an overview of the PPS 2007 product and a demonstration of using the Monitoring & Analytics portion which is based off the example by Kevin Goff, Microsoft MVP, taken from the Mar/Apr 2008 issue of Code magazine here.

PerformancePoint Server 2007 Monitoring & Analytics Overview and Demo from Dan English on Vimeo.

All of the files used for the demonstration can be found here.  The files that are available include the presentation (PDF format), the Entire PSS Download sample files (including some readme instructions — 2 parts to download), and the video if you want to download it (2 parts to download).  I couldn’t upload the video to YouTube because it was too long and apparently you need a director account to perform a large upload.  The presentation was done prior to the release of PPS SP1, so the filter improvements will not be seen in this video.  For information in regards to SP1 or to the download links check out the PerformancePoint Team Blog here.


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