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Microsoft Business Intelligence VPC Release 6

Posted by denglishbi on April 26, 2008

Yesterday I received an email from my colleague, Kory, asking me if I had heard of the new BI VPC version 6 (April 2008 release) that was available.  I stated that the only one that I knew of was version 5.1 which I posted on my blog back in December here.  I quickly queried the Microsoft Download Center here and I didn’t see a new version available.  I asked him where he saw this mentioned and he pointed me to a new BI blog that I had not seen yet by Peter Koller over in Norway here.  Now I had to know where Peter discovered this so I left him a comment and he pointed me to the hidden gem buried on Microsoft’s site here (look down in the lower right for the download links – 7 files).

So what is different.  Version 6 includes new demos and presenter scripts for different verticals.  When you extract the files it creates an additional demos folder which now contains all of the scripts so you don’t need to try and pull them off the VPC at all.  It still has all of the same programs installed and configured which is very nice Smile.  Here is everything it contains and I highlighted the new items (and this VPC will expire on 8/17/2009 – maybe just in time for PPS v2).


I didn’t see a readme file associated with this, so if you are looking for the password it is the typical Microsoft demo one and the same one that was used on the last VPC, pass@word1.  So let the downloads begin!  Enjoy the VPC and I got to thank Kory and Peter for pointing this out and sharing this information with the community, thanks guys!

If for some reason the link above does not work for you then here is the direct links to the downloads:

Virtual PC


Business Intelligence VPC Release 6.part01.exe

Business Intelligence VPC Release 6.part02.rar

Business Intelligence VPC Release 6.part03.rar

Business Intelligence VPC Release 6.part04.rar

Business Intelligence VPC Release 6.part05.rar

Business Intelligence VPC Release 6.part06.rar

Business Intelligence VPC Release 6.part07.rar


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