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Did you know? SQL Server 2008 includes Intellisense screencast

Posted by denglishbi on April 6, 2008

A new thing we are trying internally at work is sending out weekly ‘Did you know?’ (DYN) emails about new features that are included in SQL Server 2008.  We are trying to spread awareness and excitement about the new version of SQL Server 2008.  The emails include information about a new feature, links to the topic in BOL, a internal discuss in regards to the topic, and SQL Server 2008 information (main page site, trial download site, learning portal, webcasts, and virtual labs).  The other item that we are including is a screencast of the new feature.  So far I have done two of the DYN topics and I thought I would start sharing them with the rest of the community.  Here is the screencast for Intellisense and I will post the other screencast on Data Profiling task next.

SQL Server 2008 includes T-SQL IntelliSense:
Transact-SQL IntelliSense provides intelligent aids for Transact SQL scripting that make language references easily accessible for database developers. When coding, you do not need to leave the Database Query Editor to perform searches on T-SQL language elements or your database metadata.  You can keep your context, find the information you need, insert T-SQL language elements directly into your code, and even have IntelliSense complete your typing for you. This can speed up software development by reducing the amount of keyboard input required and minimize references to external documentation.

Read more about this in the SQL Server 2008 BOL ‘Using Intellisense’.

Check out a screencast about the new intellisense feature in SQL Server 2008 here.  

Did you know? SQL Server 2008 includes Intellisense from Dan English on Vimeo.

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