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TechNet BI Virtual Labs

Posted by denglishbi on April 5, 2008

UPDATED (11/19/2010): Fixed some of the links for the labs, still tracking down some if they still exist.  Might want to check out this site as well for SQL Server 2008 Virtual Labs – http://www.microsoft.com/events/series/technetsqlserver2008.aspx?tab=virtuallabs.

Just wanted to point out the Business Intelligence virtual labs that are available on the TechNet web site.  There are three labs in regards to PerformancePoint server tooOpen-mouthed

Business Intelligence


Don’t forget to check out the ones in regards to SQL Server 2008 and get ready for the new product release and take the new version for a test drive.  There are two locations for these virtual labs, there are some on MSDN and some on TechNet.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Virtual Labs

TechNet Virtual Labs: SQL Server 2008

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  1. […] TechNet BI Virtual Labs (these might not be available anymore, looks like they might be removing them for new content) […]

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