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SQL Server Intellisense (CTP6) vs Red Gate SQL Prompt – Part II

Posted by denglishbi on February 23, 2008

  This is a quick follow-up in regards to my initial blog entry,  SQL Server 2008 Intellisense (CTP5) vs Red Gate SQL Prompt, comparing the Nov CTP5 intellisense against Red Gate’s SQL Prompt.  Sorry to say, I still have to tip my hat to Red Gate.  They include more features, functionality, and intelligence with their intellisense.  I guess that is what is going to differentiate them and possibly push people to still buy their product.

Here is the first screen of the new and some what improved CTP6 intellisense:


Some things to point out are the error indicators and the intellisense with the stored procedures that is included now, still no dropdown lists with stored procedures as far as I can tell, but you do get to see what parameters are needed along with their datatypes (one thing that SQL Prompt 2.0 doesn’t do).  The intellisense for the stored procedure did not show up until I placed the ‘exec’ command in front of the stored procedure.  In regards to the error lists, I though one cool feature would be if it warned you that there was a datatype mismatch within the WHERE clause (ReportID would be expecting an integer value, not a string).


The error list is nice since this is now done prior to actually executing the statements and it will display your laundry list of issues that need to be corrected and you can double click on an item and it will bring you to that specific spot in the query window.

sqlctp6intell_sort1 sqlctp6intell_sort2

Just wanted to point out the sorting of the dropdown lists.  Really no rhyme or reason to the output.  Initially it looked like all of the tables were at the top of the list like SQL Prompt, but after further review they were not.  Really disappointed, so if you are not sure what you are looking for exactly then good luck because the object types are not grouped together and put in a logical order.  Same holds true once you go on to your where clause.

Sorry to say that intellisense still does not work with DELETE or INSERT statements, there are no more additional options available in the Tools Options menu, and no intelligence in the dropdown lists (so if you highlight the table ‘Batch’ you are not provided with a preview of the column names and datatypes).

Have to say that I still favor the Red Gate product, but still love the fact that this will now be bundled with the product.


One Response to “SQL Server Intellisense (CTP6) vs Red Gate SQL Prompt – Part II”

  1. e said

    The "intellisense" in 2008 leaves a lot to be desired. e.g. When you type a function name, you just get paramX,paramY,paramZ. Without it telling you anything about what these parameters are or do.For a product that has been out as long as this, it is pathetic. The team who build this should feel ashamed.SQL Prompt can lay out your sql. Ha! etc…Comparing this with redgate is like comparing VB5 IDE with VS2005.

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