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SQL Server 2008 Feb CTP6 Installation Experience

Posted by denglishbi on February 23, 2008

Last week I installed the February CTP6 of SQL Server 2008 and I just wanted to share some clips of the new install screens.  Lots of new options and I was really impressed with the entire install process.  I know this only gets run once, but I just want to say way to go SQL Server Team!  One of the initial requirements was the .NET framework 3.5 and I am assuming that is because Visual Studio 2008 is now the version of BIDS that is being installed instead of Visual Studio 2005.




The first screen is the install center which provides lots of nice options and links to additional information – very nice.

Feature selection which included options to install the Microsoft Synch Framework and install the client tools separately from BIDS.

New default install directories that allow you to see what is installed one level higher than before (more intuitive) — MSSQL10, MSAS10, MSRS10.




Setting up the account information for the different services, startup option, and the ability to set one account to run them all at the bottom.

Set the directories for the database engine, for the tempdb and the backup directory right out of the gate.

Setting the security mode for the database engine and specifying an administrative account (this is required and provides button to simply add the current user).




Set the directories for analysis services and setting the temp and backup directories.  You also need to specify an administrative account similar to the database engine. 

Specify the configuration for SSRS — native, SharePoint, or don’t configure.  Remember IIS is no longer a requirement to run SSRS.

New items in Mgmt Studio now for auditing, encryption, and policy management.





And last but not least Visual Studio 2008 instead of 2005!



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