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BI Blog Aggregator

Posted by denglishbi on February 23, 2008

Just did a search on BI blog sites on Google and came across this site – http://www.biblogs.com/.  This site is currently aggregating over 60 BI blog related sites and is an excellent source of information and makes it much easier to manage.  It easily replaced more than 20 of my pre-configured blog sites that I have setup in RSS Bandit and introduced me to another 30 or 40 that I was unaware of.  I sent them an email to include my blog in their site.

Follow-up: I am not sure how far back this aggregator goes, so for the time being I am not removing any of my current feeds.  Here is how the feed works for the BI aggregator:

…the feed provided by the BI Blogs site only contains the most recent 40 posts that have hit the site so you can only pull the most recent data into your aggregator…

If you want more than that you will have to visit the site.

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