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SQL Server 2008 Feb CTP6 is now available!

Posted by denglishbi on February 20, 2008

Just woke up and checked the blogs quick and saw that Andrew Fryer made a post saying that CTP6 is available.  Microsoft wanted this to be available prior to the L.A. launch at the end of the month and here it is.  This is supposed to have all of the functionality that is going to be in the end product that will come out later this year in Q3.  Enjoy!  Go to the SQL Server 2008 download area here.  There is supposed to be a RC1 released in Q2, so there will be one more release prior to the official one later this year.  I am just downloading the product now, but Andrew did state that some of the new functionality in this release are:

  • Data compression.
  • Integrated full text search – indexes are now part of the database making for easier backup and faster mixed mode queries.
  • Filtered indexing –  indexes with a where clause.
  • Partition aligned indexed views
  • Policy based management (the feature formerly known as declarative management framework)
  • Sparse columns so you can many more columns in a table
  • Gauges in reporting services

Download it now and get ready for the launch!

Just read another blog posting and I guess Microsoft has a bug bashing contest (you can win an Xbox Elite) going on for this CTP too. There are different product and levels of categories for the bug entries.

Check out the details here.

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