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Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 advanced lectures and white papers

Posted by denglishbi on February 19, 2008

Now that Microsoft’s BI, PerformancePoint Server, is tied into SharePoint, I thought this information could become rather valuable:

Advanced lectures and white papers

Watch lectures delivered by experts in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, and download and read supporting white papers.

Title Description Streaming Video White Paper
Overview: Office SharePoint Server server farm architecture Describes how to plan server farms for reliability and scalability, and how to deploy Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 on a server farm. None Download
Overview: Configuring server farms Describes configuration steps needed for server farms after deployment. Watch Download
Securing server farms Describes how to help control access to information and how to help protect deployments from malicious users. Watch Download
Configuring performance options Describes how to set up caching, IIS compression, and other options to help maximize performance of an Office SharePoint Server server farm. Watch None
Backing up and restoring Office SharePoint Server server farms Describes how to back up and recover Office SharePoint Server server farms. Watch Download
Operations and management Provides information about common operations and management tasks. Watch Download
Capacity planning Describes how to determine requirements to support your capacity requirements. Watch Download
Search architecture and configuration Describes how to plan for and configure search for Office SharePoint Server. Watch Download




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